Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fail Nago-san is nice for me. XP

I still felt I'm such a "phail" Nago-san. LOL.

Don't know still want continue to cosplay as him again.. I still wanna do Ixa-cise again!! XDD

Last time already cosplayed as him at 2nd day of GACC. Think some of people already know who I was doing. Quite better than what I did at CF as possessed Yuusuke. HAHA. XP

And now.. In progressing to cosplay as Terui Ryu. That's A LOT of things need to be done, until I hampir pokai already.

However, have going part time work and sell something to take some a little bit of commission.. Can tahan la..

Ok just blughing around since I want to release some stress for my final exam recently.

Until then.

Will keep blogging very randomly like some of Japanese artists. Yeah. Post random. I like that. =D