Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fail Nago-san is nice for me. XP

I still felt I'm such a "phail" Nago-san. LOL.

Don't know still want continue to cosplay as him again.. I still wanna do Ixa-cise again!! XDD

Last time already cosplayed as him at 2nd day of GACC. Think some of people already know who I was doing. Quite better than what I did at CF as possessed Yuusuke. HAHA. XP

And now.. In progressing to cosplay as Terui Ryu. That's A LOT of things need to be done, until I hampir pokai already.

However, have going part time work and sell something to take some a little bit of commission.. Can tahan la..

Ok just blughing around since I want to release some stress for my final exam recently.

Until then.

Will keep blogging very randomly like some of Japanese artists. Yeah. Post random. I like that. =D

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a blur saturday, 6 March.

Yeah, that Saturday was a very blur for me. I haven't sleep about over 40 hours on that day since Friday about 7am. No choice, coz I had my 2 tests in a row on that day from 9am till 11.30am. Sigh, the tests, ok la.. 1 test very nice, I can do all(but don't know can correct all or not, hope so =P), another one like already waste my 1 hour over there, if you know what I mean. Sigh. =/

Then after the test, I suppose go to LRT Wangsa Maju to wait Rex, but wait till about half an hours later.. Wait for too long time, and also witness the "Le Tour" Bicycle cycling competition.. Then don't want to wait already, terus go back my house and have a break 1st..

Then I went out again, go to Times Squares, attending CiB(Yeah, cibai --> wait, not that one la, a company name la XP) event, yeah, including cosplay competition over there, and 1st, I already spotted Potter, Wani and Shio, but they just talked with themselves, so not try to interrupt them 1st.. I met up with Cyberz and Yuo, then help Yuo to register her competition things.. Then I found Rayray at outside, then followed with her go our friends meetup place.. Then see a lot of peoples over there, like Jian, Taka, Gems, Kids, Sky and lot more..

Too bad Aki cannot come(I already called him many times to come from few weeks ago.. Sorry if I sound too leceh for you at that time).. Already emo inside my heart.. T.T

Then Yukito SMSed me that he already arrived, and he's at arcade, then I leave friends and go find him. Yeah, we talked more then other peoples la. XP

We played for a while over there and we saw that the time already 4pm, so we went to outside the entrance for the cosplay competition.

Then also meet with a lot of friends too.. And Dave finally gave me the thing that I waited for so long time since January: Kamen Rider Accel driver!!(aka KR belt lo =P)

Yeah, Dave JUST like to call the driver as "gay driver". Ah, WTF. -.-

I watched the cosplay competition with Yukito and Kimiko.. Yeah Kimiko still looked too small to me. So afraid that she will got blowed if there's a huge angin kencang lo.. LOL.. Don't think that will happen lo.. XP

There's 10 contestants played the competition, and I know about.. 4-5 are singing one lo.. Aiyo, jadi singing cosplay competition pulak.. HAHAHA.. XP

Anyway, I only know 3rd place is Haruhi performance, 2nd place is K-On!! performance, and 1st is.. Jun Jun!! LOL, I can't stop laughing about how she break the "code" from the security part and beat the random Dai-Shocker slave(performed by D'A). Anyway, congratulation to her. =D

Then after the cosplay event, then those crazy fellow(including myself) all go crazy in some random stage show.. Haha we laughed too much. XD

Then we go for dinner at 7pm, and I totally forgot someone in 1st place.. Yeah.. Sorry for some of peoples.. Sigh. =/

We went to 10th floor food court to eat dinner, and Alan Chin was checked about the pics, and we found out some of very funny pics, including the climax point that Jun Jun beated D'A.. At his "important part". We laughed like shit like "nobody business". Then Alan also did some "self-proclaimed .gif moments for some of pics and some that's.. Ehameham.. Can't say out 1st, don't want make misunderstanding and some are so private.. Later will tell some of you in private. XP

Then we left about 8.30 something.. Haha, I too tired already..

Next time we will meet again.. During GACC.. Yeah, hope we can make fun again over there..

Later will post out how's my Accel Driver is.. =D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is that "am I looking wrong" or "They are doing 'real'?"

I should think about it in few months ago, but now.. I think I have to rediscuss again. XP

What thing I have to talk at here?

Nothing much, but the.. Actually it's a bit sensitive for following below, so PLEASE READ IN YOUR OWN RISK.

Oh yeah, put this as "road block". LOL. XP

I think it's very down right?

So ok, let me talk about this.

It's about one of my favourite show - Kamen Rider W.


I can only say that this is the most "dramatic moment" I ever discussed compared with other Kamen Rider Series. Even Decade one also can't compare W already. =P

Before it showed, we got many discussions like.. 2 men become a rider? Many peoples like.. "Are you kidding me? I imagined some "yaoi"(yaoi means man-man love XP) moments over here, and DO YOU THINK IT'S APPROPRIATE TO LET CHILDREN WATCH LIKE THAT!?"

But my thought was not like that, coz my thought is "maybe it's similar with the 'jogress evolve' from Digimon Adventure 02."

What's "jogress"?

"Jogress" is the combination words from "joint" and "progress". So that's "jo-gress". Watch episode 27 of Digimon Adventure 02 if you don't know it or want to know more. *promoting moment XP*

My concept of "2 men become a rider" was like that. Then when the show was shown, my concept just correct in half - A person become a rider, while another one become a "soul" and into the rider.

So, people predicted wrong. No yaoi moment. LOL. XD


The yaoi issue was taken out again, and this time, I TOOK OUT THIS ISSUE.

Why I took out?

You want me to show you the proof?

Nah, here it goes. As mentioned just now, Watch IN YOUR OWN RISK. XP
See that..? How I call this..

Oh yeah.



Nah, I don't do any photoshop coz I REALLY printscreen from here.
My 1st expression like "ZOMGWTFBBQ" and try to do a joke that "Who's uke? Who's seme?"

Oh damn it. Am I go too far..?

I think.. Yes. Quite too far.

But like last monday when I watched the next episode for Kamen Rider W, there's a scene that W rides on Accel biker mode. I think it can go a bit far till the love story that a person rides on another person and play like "the horse" with slapping the ass. Oh my goodness. XP

This time is worse than the preview scene. You see their "position"..?

Even myself already can't stop laughing.

Now we know Terui is "seme" and Shotaro is "uke".(or in reversal..? LMAO XDD)

Oh it can't be reversal since Terui wanna be the "boss". LOL XP

Ah, whatever. XP

Somebody said that "caption this pic". I like "Oh fuck. Damn it. LOL. XDD"

Oh wait, why become like "we so enjoyed so much for the pic"..?

Maybe because we're adult..? Maybe.

But that's not appropriate that put that pic in official site. If let the children see.. That's not a nice scene. Angle error. lol. =P

I think that's much more for them.. But later 1st since the news I got are spoilers. Maybe we talk those on next time..?

Till then. =D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looks not really mind, but very sad in my heart

Sometimes I wanna do something, but in the end, it will go not really well.

What I'm trying to say..?

I thought back again for my cosplay plan in this year.. Don't you think that half of the characters are "not really do in group" like that..?

Yeah, almost all characters I did not discuss with my friends, and I wanna do alone from now.


"Somebody" made me having a huge mistake about that "somebody", and that "somebody" really make me very piss off until now..

And also, I think I miss a very important photoshoot - Naruto Photoshoot.

Yeah, my 1st cosplay, but never did a photoshoot for that!

F**k some of people over there.. Think that I'm too ego, kacau here, kacau there, or what so ever.. Actually I'm not.. Just their mind are too narrowed for my thought. Perasan.

But doing solo also not a cheap things, actually. Just about Terui Ryu, I need to save about RM800 for his character.. That cost a bomb. lol, I like Minehiro, so what..

Just my thought.. This week in KR W.. Terui is MORE KAKKOI in black clothes.. That made him too cool.. Hahaha.. Nak "molest" him liao. LOL XP

Anyway, I still will cosplay in default, that's in red clothes. Coz it's similar with the KR Accel body colour. That's my logic opinion.. lol.. =P

Then.. Now go searching all resources that I can do about Terui Ryu from now..

Oh yeah, I love the maid cafe at Kepong last Sat.

With Yukito, Zhangzhang, Allen Wong "sifu"(damn gila for him XP), Aki and his 2 friends(OMG I forgot their name T__T), all together like.. more than 3 hours and talk like bullshit hell and made me laughed like "fanboy scream".. Oh damn.. Not good for that.. XP

Don't worry, that's another event at 2 weeks later, I just a viewer for that event, then if got dinner together, then not just like what I did last sat.. Coz it's more than 10 people and "SCREAMING" together liao.. Sounds like I already "organized" to them.. LOL.. XD

Then.. Wanna go class liao.. Busy weeks again for following weeks. =P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh. This is getting nicer.

Back from my parents' hometown for Chinese New Year.. Not really like for this year coz there was several times of blackout in that area, esspecially at night.. That's really sick for me. Screw the TNB. Really as Namewee said, TNB = Tiu Nia Bu. XD

Ok not talking about this one, but it seems that I really wanna follow someone.. Oh no, not male again.. Hahahahaha.. XP

This time, wanna follow an Japanese new artist - Kinomoto Minehiro.

Ehh..? Who's he?

*point* "Neh, that Terui Ryu from Kamen Rider W lo. =P"

Why now I follow him..?

I felt like.. He's so KAKKOI(handsome and something that have his own style like that =P) for me, and also.. Cute.(wanna pinch him la..*die* XP)

His character as Terui Ryu.. I felt that Terui is quite has his own characteristics and his own style. I really like when he said that "Zetsubou ga omae no goal da(Despair is your goal)" That's too kakkoi for me. =D

Haha, now Shotaro really a "Half-boiled" Detective. LOL. XDLet myself as the Bettle Phone(his phone and detect device in Kamen Rider W.. XP) and follow Terui Ryu's everything.

lol, not Kinomoto Minehiro?

Haha, yeah, also in his real life. Just read his blog is enough for me. So, yeah.
So.. See ya.. =D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st cosplay event in 2010!! Start of Year at Singapore!! XD

There's been a long time not talk about cosplay event already, where should I talk from..

Yeah, I attended the 1st cosplay event in this year - Start of Year "BACK!!"(SOY"B") At Ngee Ann Polytecnic, Singapore.

This is my very 1st time that attend Singapore cosplay event. Yeah, since there's no event at here till March, then know from Singapore that there's an event at early of year(or need to wait till June or July for bigger event like Cosfest, so yeah. =P), so I called some of friends, like Yukito(thanks for the car and lot of help!! XD), Chris, Zhangzhang and Hakkai and we went together about 6am from KL. Yeah, FROM KL. You're not reading mistake. I have to wake up about 4am and prepare everything to them. Sounds like I'm the organiser for this event like that. lol. XP

Then arrive at Johor Bahru about 8.30am something, then I called Yukito to go back my house to take some white paper(for going kastam at JB-Singapore used), hear my mother and my brother "po-pe"ing.. LOL.. =P

We went to Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh to eat Yukito and my favourite - Bak Kut Teh!! There's no changes for the taste!! I called Dei(yeah, Dei was at JB's house and also go to SOY afterward on that time) to come together earlier ago, and he also came with D'A afterward. Then after eating, all of us leave to go Singapore, and Dei and D'A also left earlier ago and will meet at SOY event. =D

We arrived to Singapore about.. 11.30am something like that..(coz I know we wait for kastam at Singapore for SO LONG TIME -.-) And arrive to Ngee Ann Poly about 12 noon. lol, too late liao.. Blame the kastam to do so slow.. Sigh. =P

Then do preparation.. Actually I was quite not really happy coz I forgot to bring the clip for cliping the screw for my hair extension. Sigh.. I was too careless.. =/

Then go to event.. It's very good to see the event was organised well, and the crews are so dedicated!! Just.. Ermm.. Later I will talk at the bottom part.

People, mostly the cosplayers are at outside the event hall more than inside the event hall, coz there's too much pf people and less of spaces inside the hall. It maybe there's the organiser underestimated the attandance, make the event look quite bigger than previous they did(that's what I heard from someone else =P).

And also, I also met some of new friends and friends that I know over there too. Esspecially the SG's Kamen Rider cosplayers. You all really awesome and cover up my "wasted" time. lol. XP

Anyway, let's see some of my moments at the event..
Kamen Rider Kiva - Emperor!! *fainted terus after I saw him XP*
Seriously, this is my 1st time that can see completed REAL KR cosplay in my life!!
Ermmm.. Just the head size not equal to body size..(coz he's short. lol. XP)
I had a very hard feeling that wanna stalk him.. OMG.. Why I had that feeling all of sudden..? =/
Hahaha.. If Momo stared to Kiva, what will happen next.. Imagine yourself la.. Yukito took this pic as the "KR's joke". lol. XP
Take pics together with SG KR cosplayers. Yeah, Kamen Rider W, Shotaro and Phillip. I like the Fang Memory, and Dino-chan(I call the Fang Memory as that lol XP) so cute!! XDXD

Dei as Colonel Sanders.. I want K-F-C!!(and love every moment of the colonel moment, include invade McD, chicken got "robbed", and etc XDD)
Wanna with Yukito, but become.. Dei was the background.. lol..

Camwhoring with the 2 SG KR cosplayers too.. XP Last but not least, there's another friends showed me things that I wanna do at future - Kamen Rider Accel's driver and blade!! *fanboy scream x10000000000, even outside the event hall can hear my sound.. lol, that's the joke, just VERY shocked to see SG sell this DAMN EARLY!! XO*
If got those, the 1st thing I wanna to do adjustment is the blade. Coz TOO SHORT liao.. Have to do much longer like TV. XP
But the sound of Accel.. "Vroom.. Vroom..!!" Aaaaa... ...*fainted again XP*
Ok let's talked about the event itself. Here's what I talked about my review in SGCafe(edited a bit)..

1. Nice committees and crews! When I started go in the place, I felt so warm that the committees are very friendly to us. Kudos to them. =D
2. Nice booths are nice. I found out some of the items that can't be found in my place, grabbed some items over there. =P
3. The events quite entertaining.
4. Tofu cafe is really nice! Just a suggestion, can the cafe do in bigger place if got in next time? LOL.(I loled that "sold out" (joking) items XDD)

1. Because all the events just inside the hall, so it was just like not much happening outside the event hall. I thought that maybe have some promotions in microphone that for any booths, but I didn't see that. Just saw some advertising papers that put on the wall or glasses outside. Hope the committees can take note for this. =D
2. It's very unsuitable that the booths located beside the event hall. That make people stucked inside the entrance, and also might will interrupt booth owners making business. Coz I went for many conventions and there's making a lot of problems for cases as this(I think most of us know - -), so take note too.
3. Booth problem, again. The spaces for booths are TOO SMALL. Making everyone inside like "sardine". LOL. Making bigger places in next time, ok? =P
4. The events hall was too small.(actually in the event hall, it's about half size of exhibition hall in Times Square, and all of people were "squezzed" inside -.-) Maybe it's because of underestimate the attendances? Find the bigger hall in next time. =D
5. Only an entrance is never be enough for many people as this time. Make 2 entrances like one as main entrance, and another one as alternative entrance, with 2 exit like this time. That will be much easier for many of us. =D
6. Just a suggestion. Can the committees make a cosplayers changing room for all cosplayers so we can prepare our stuff inside the room.(so it also prevent any stalkers make pointless harassment to cosplayers. Yeah the room can be seperated to male and female room. =P) I felt very disturbing when I changed my costume inside the toilet.(maybe it's I thought too much? lol. XP) And also, it's also can give people a surprise when there's a changing room.(for epic cosplay, I think? XD)

Yeah, talk so much, but overall, I like this event much than other school/college/university-based ACG event in our place. Hope I can go this event once again..

And also, I already planned to go Singapore again during Cosfest and AFA for this year. Wanna go with us..? Just tell and we convoy together.. lol.. XDD

Till next, and have an early Chinese New Year to all. =D

Friday, January 22, 2010

After Long Hiatus.. =P

eah, that's quite a long time not blog about myself. Too busy on many things recently, and sometimes I also quite lazy.. Then become so long time not blogging about myself.. XP

After so much cosplay events, exams, study, even working.. Now I have a lot of planning and things wanna do at this year.

1st is about studying. Now these 2 years is quite critical years for me, so.. Gambatte for me la.. =D

2nd is about cosplay. Yeah as in right, I have lot of planning for this year. So permanently I have these plan for this year:
--> Daichi - Blazer Drive
--> Nogami Ryotaro(Momotaros version) - Kamen Rider Den-O
--> Sakurai Yuuto(Deneb version) - Kamen Rider Den-O
--> Nago Keisuke - Kamen Rider Kiva
--> Terui Ryu - Kamen Rider W
--> Hirako Shinji(Vizard version) - Bleach
--> Gray Fullbuster- Fairy Tail

Now this time, the superhero show characters are more than anime characters for my planning. Because I feel like.. Superhero characters now are more difficult to let people recognize, especially Kamen Rider series since not everyone know about this tokusatsu series in here. Most people will know sentai or we know in western - Power Rangers.. lol..

And some of character are quite challenging for me, like Den-O characters, one is very garang(having fierce face, lol. XP), another one is too happy and peaceful. Very contradict right..? I try to do well for these character since I have to do photoshoot and performances for these characters. Another 2 are 753(Nago-san, in Japanese, 7=na, 5=go, 3=san. lol.. XD) and Terui Ryu. Nago Keisuke is quite easy to get his clothes, just the Ixa belt need to find la.. Hope I can find that. About Terui Ryu.. Coz his character will be shown at this weekend, so I stil need to see how's his characteristics, and I might want to do as him coz he looked.. Kakkoi for me.. lol.. And also I plan for buy the Accel driver already and I waiting for quotation only, hope it will arrive to me and I can potray the character, then you all will see.. Some "lol" moments for me already.. LOL.. XDD

For anime one, Blazer Drive will be 1st one since the costume arrived already, then Bleach and Fairy Tail still in progress.. Hope will go well too.. XP

Anyway, I will be going to Singapore next week for their cosplay event - SOY'B'. It mean Start of Year, and it's 3rd year since SOY and SOY'A'. So you know what's "B" mean la.. lol.. About more than 9 years not going Singapore.. Miss that place already.. Can't wait to go.. XD

Ok stop at here and will continue in someday.. See ya.. XD

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Got many things want to say..

Firstly, I might not able to post many blogs over here since I quite busy at end of year. Yeah, every end of year I always have many things and events need to do. So anything just check out to my facebook or MSN la.. =P

Second, I want to say VERY SORRY to many of my friends that I can't attend AFA this year!! I supposed want to come, but since my parents.. Sigh, family problem.. So I cannot go to Singapore. However, there's ACGC Finale event on same week, so.. ACGC, here I come!! XD

Third, I know there's some of people cannot attend to Comic Fiesta for my Naruto group. Actually it's ok.. Just you have to come for photoshoot.. Time and venue still on discussion.. So not too worry.. =D

Actually I quite felt "amused" that there are some of people might not agree with me for somethings.. Even quite not like me and go away for me right now.. I quite sad about this.. I mean, since I came to cosplay, I saw many of complicated things happen in front and back of me. Actually I know everything, just I not really want to split them out. Coz it can backfire if I say out all. I know someone think I just like "a bunch of shit", so what.. I will do my way as your "bunch of shit"..(it looked like some quote from one of famous character, lol. =P)

Anyway, I won't say I very like someone, neither hate anyone. Everyone are equal for me, just how you think about me.

“ 不要在我的面前出现!!”

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My feeling is upside down again.

Not only because of the exam is coming soon, but also I read my good friend's blog. And now I understand why...

I mean, since May, there's a lot of things happen through my eyes. And this isn't changed as what I know during ACGC or earlier... I really feel depressed...

I know that I nearly go crazy because of that person, but I still can't put down, just because I have GREAT sense that that person need someone to comfort. I don't know how to face right now since that person quite ignore me...

Seriously, a lot of things happened. And the gap between us is going bigger and bigger. Doesn't that person sense that..? I think that person should know that if that person still think that me as friend. Sigh. =/

I know I talk like fucker, but it's the truth. I want to make our friendship well to a friend, but I got a repay as that! And it's not 1st time for me, but countless times!! Not only that person, bt many of my "friends". =/

Really, I'm not in good mood today. I know that my friend can let down about that person, but I CAN'T DO THAT! It just like I betray myself, you know...

Damn... That's not I really want to see...

Hope our friendship can go back as 1st time we met... ='(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back again!! XD

Yeah, just write short things before I might go MIA again. XP

I still on doing for GACC trips blog and Anicom one, but somehow, my GACC trips blog was messed up!! I need to redo again, maybe will let you all know on early of Oct, maybe... =P

Anicom one, maybe will do combine one(since it's 4 weeks), also will go ready at Oct, too... XP

I was invited by Singapore cosplay friends to do Naruto photoshoot over there!! But it's at 31 Oct... Also as normal gathering at Sunway... But I still not sure can go to Singapore since I haven't do my passport due to low fund, and many reasons... Sigh, I just give my friend at Singapore a tentative confirm. =P

I know some people might talk about going to AFA at Suntec City, Singapore, and I CAN GO OVER THERE!! WHEEEEE~~~~~~!!! XDXD

Seriously, I can go over there for 1st day, that's Saturday, but 2nd day still can't confirm yet. Sigh. =P

And another thing, I will go there alone since I will come from my brother's house at JB, so maybe we have to do like... "hide and seek" and do like "OH! I found you!! LOL... XD" (What am I talking about, lol. XP)

Anyway, also booked with some people at Singapore to do 1st meetup, since we just plain talk in MSN or SGCafe, and AFA also my 1st time to go. lol. =P

Hope myself can go for both days, please... lol. XD

Ok stop here first... Continue my study first... Now in lazy mode... XP